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Biblioteca Provisions on the Economical and Intensive Use of Land.

Provisions on the Economical and Intensive Use of Land.

Provisions on the Economical and Intensive Use of Land.

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Mayo 2014
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The purpose of the Provisions is to effectively implement the basic state policy for cherishing and reasonably using land and giving true protection to arable land, and to apply the strictest systems for protection of arable land and economical and intensive use of land. The Provisions consist of 38 articles.For the purpose of the Provisions, the term “economical and intensive use of land” means various actions and activities conducted by means of guidance for scale, layout optimization, standard control, market allocation, and efficient utilization, to the end of realizing economical land use, freeing up areas, increasing the intensity of land use, promoting the reuse of inefficient and abandoned land, optimizing the structure and layout of land use, and improving the efficiency of land use.The State shall determine the scale, layout, structure and schedule of construction land through overall land use plans to control the total amount of the construction land. The binding targets and the zoning control provisions as specified in the overall land use plans shall not be broken. The competent departments of land and resources shall demarcate the urban development boundary and the boundary of exclusion area in the overall land use plans, so as to implement the spatial control of construction land.In addition, the Provisions provide for the measures for supervision and administration, offences and penalties.

Implements: Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China. (2004-08-28)

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