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Biblioteca Ghana : Country Environmental Analysis

Ghana : Country Environmental Analysis

Ghana : Country Environmental Analysis

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Junio 2012
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The Ghana Country Environment Analysis
(CEA) has thus been formulated to assist the Government of
Ghana and its development partners to: (a) assess the
country's environmental priorities in key sectors, the
environmental implications of key economic and sector
policies, and the country's institutional capacity to
address them; and (b) find practical management,
institutional, and policy solutions to handle issues of
natural resource management, environmental degradation, and
sustainability of growth. Based on the results of the
sectoral analysis, the key messages of the CEA can be
summarized as follows: strengthening environmental
governance is key to ensuring that natural resources
contribute to greater wealth and sustainable growth;
removing policy, regulatory, and institutional bottlenecks
is crucial for reducing vulnerability of the poor in both
rural and urban areas; reinforcing coordination and dialogue
to mainstream ENRM is critical; and ministries, departments,
and agencies in all the natural resource and environment
sectors face common challenges.

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