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Enero 2013
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One of the most anticipated parts of a truth commission report is always the commission’s findings and recommendations. This Chapter provides a catalogue of the Commission’s findings and recommendations. 2. The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Act (TJR Act) required the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (the Commission) to make findings in respect of gross violations of human rights inflicted on persons by the State, public institutions and holders of public office, both serving and retired, between 12 December 1963 and 28 February 2008. The Act stipulated that such findings must include the Commission’s conclusions on: the antecedents, circumstances, factors and context of such violations; the causes, nature and extent thereof; and perpetrator responsibility and motives.1 The Act further required the Commission to summarize its findings in this Report.

 This Chapter summarizes the main findings of the Commission as required by section 48 of the TJR Act.

The findings of the Commission are based upon the totality of its investigations and research. These include the detailed analysis of the statements it received, the investigations it carried out, conclusions drawn from its open and closed hearings, and the study of a large number of primary source documents and materials.

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