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    These Regulations make provision with respect to administrative and legal proceedings at the Native Title Tribunal and various other acts relating to native title such as the payment of fees, making frequent reference to provisions of the Native Title Act, e.g. applications for purposes of paragraph 76 (a) of the Act.

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    An Act to empower the Crown to dispose of irrigation schemes.


    This Act empowers the government to dispose of its irrigation schemes in order to eliminate all statutory provisions for irrigation and transfer existing rights held by the government for the operation of the schemes in a registrable form.

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    This Act is a comprehensive framework for the development, planning and management of the artificial environment. The Act is divided into eleven chapters and 206 articles. The Ministry of Territorial Development and Construction shall administer and control the activities falling under this Act, such as urban planning, construction and public works. The municipalities shall be the local authorities responsible for these matters. Territorial development plans are regulated in Chapter Two.

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    An Ordinance to provide for the preservation and protection of beaches in the Virgin Islands and related matters.

    Julio, 1985

    The Ordinance provides for the protection of the coastline of the British Virgin Islands. No person shall remove any natural barrier against the sea or take away or dig any gravel, sand, stone, etc. except under authority of a permit granted by the Minister. At any rate no person shall remove any land if this results in inroads into land by the sea. The permit may be obtained by an application to be made according to section 5. The Minister may attach conditions to a permit. No digging shall take place at night. The Ordinance further prohibits the pollution of the foreshore (sect.

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    مرسوم سلطاني بإنشاء لجنة علية لتخطيط المدن

    Febrero, 1985

    This Royal Decree is composed of 7 articles. Article 1 establishes a supreme committee called the Supreme Committee for Town Planning. This is charged with preparing and overseeing general policies for town planning for approved development plans while at the same time considering the economy and society. Article 2 lists the concerns of this Committee such as adhering to the implementation of authorized planning programmes and its development should the need arise. Article 3 describes the members of the Supreme Committee for Town Planning.

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    Junio, 1985

    El presente Ley tiene como finalidad proteger, conservar, gestionar y, en su caso, restaurar y mejorar la diversidad genética, la riqueza y productividad de los espacios naturales de Cataluña, los cuales deberán ser compatibles con el desarrollo y utilización de los recursos naturales y ambientales, en el marco de la protección del medio y de la ordenación racional y equilibrada del territorio.

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    Junio, 1946

    This basic legislation establishes a legal framework for the management of forests and forest produce, defined as all parts or produce of trees and plants, charcoal (sect. 2). Removal of and dealing in timber are regulated by a permit system (sects. 6-16). Detailed liability provisions concerning individual dealers, companies, intermediaries, etc. are set out in sections 17 and 18.

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