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January 2012

Papers and presentations from the OHCHR - UN Women expert group meeting on "Good practices in realizing women's rights to productive resources, with a focus on land" are now available. The event was held in Geneva from 25 to 27 June 2012 and focused on "legislative and policy reforms and other initiatives to realize women’s rights to productive resources, in particular land, as well as on going challenges and ways to address those challenges". Contributions include case studies from Brazil (Ponte do Maduro), Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, Ecuador, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Namibia, Canada, Colombia, Bangladesh, Vanuatu, Rwanda, India, Uganda, the Philippines, China, and a number of thematic papers including "Respect, protect and fulfill: legislating for women’s marital property rights in the context of HIV" by Sandra Ka Hon Chu; "Women’s land rights in the context of land tenure reform: legal considerations" by Elisa Scalise, and "Women’s Human Rights related to access, use and control over land and other productive resources" by OHCHR - UN Women.

Papers and resources are available on the UN Women website.

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