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Land and political power have always been closely intertwined in Kenya’s historical trajectory. After independence from the British in 1968, the legacy of a dual system of land laws and administration continued. Repeatedly, tenure insecurity, forced evictions, inequality, and grievances related to inequality and corruption in the land sector have contributed to violence, such as during the 2007 election. In 2009, the National Land Policy was approved mandating land restitution for those who have been dispossessed and aiming to strengthen customary land tenure vis-à-vis individual ownership. The implementation of the policy and the constitution of 2010 is ongoing and has resulted in a number of progressive laws that recognize community land for the first time.
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GMOs: Entrenching Kenya’s Food Insecurity

12 October 2022

The decision to lift the GMO ban undermines our food and seed sovereignty and delegates the control of our food production systems to profit-driven multinational corporations.

Land Governance Priorities for the New Administration in Kenya

7 October 2022

On Tuesday, 13 September 2022, H.E. Dr William Ruto took his oath of office and began his term as the fifth president of the Republic of Kenya. In his inauguration speech, the president purposed to hit the ground running and lead Kenyans on a path of economic transformation and in the days…

Deadwood trees are partially submerged at Lake Baringo in Kampi ya Samaki, Kenya, Wednesday, July 20, 2022. Water is rising in part due to climate change, and hippos and other animals are coming into contact with humans more frequently. (AP Photo/Brian In

Climate Migration: Kenyan woman loses nearly all to lake

8 September 2022

This is part of an ongoing series exploring the lives of people around the world who have been forced to move because of rising seas, drought, searing temperatures and other things caused or exacerbated by climate change.



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Showcasing transformative approaches for women’s land rights

Webinar Recap: Showcasing transformative approaches for women’s land rights

22 September 2022

Empowering women to occupy leadership roles and to take an active part in decision making processes in land governance has demonstrated that strides can be made towards gender justice.

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State of Land Data & Information in East Africa: Catalyzing East Africa's Land Data Ecosystem

There is no doubt the Global Data Revolution has reached the land sector. Government data portals, open access academic journals, community mapping initiatives and other citizen-generated data - there is a palpable positive drive across the world that allows processes such as data collection to be…