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Corruption, Discrimination and Land Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa
Reports & Research
April 2024
Sub-Saharan Africa
South Africa

In 2021, Transparency International and the Equal Rights Trust published Defying Exclusion: Stories and Insights on the Links between Discrimination and Corruption. Bringing together a diverse group of case studies from across the globe, it documented and illustrated the mutually reinforcing links – the vicious cycle – between discrimination and corruption.

January 2024

Wild edible plants (WEPs) can provide diverse and nutrient-rich food sources that contribute to the health and well-being of communities worldwide. In northwestern Kenya, WEPs are vital dietary components for nomadic pastoral communities with limited access to diverse cultivated food crops.

January 2024

Spanning four villages- Amei, Lolera, Lembapuli and Lesoit- and covering an expansive 81,237 hectares, the ALLOLE shared grazing land cluster stands as the largest in Kiteto District, Tanzania.

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