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UNJHRO, programme support

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01/22 - 06/25


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UNJHRO (JHRO) monitors the human rights situation in the DRC and Sweden has been supporting their office since 2016 with two different contributions. According to the embassy, and the international community at large in DRC, the JHRO is the strongest human rights actor in DRC and therefor the embassy wants to support the office. The JHRO is a joint office between the OHCHR and the human rights section of the Monusco mission in DRC. In addition JHRO is working closely with UNDP in providing training in human rights to the Army and the Police and they are also closely connected in the take-over in the withdrawal of MONUSCO. Monusco has initiated its drawdown in view of eventually leaving the country. The JHRO branches will stay in many locations and will be one of the last offices to leave. I The grant will be a general support for the country programme however there will be some soft earmarking towards areas that Sweden wants to see prioritised. The intervention will focus on the following objectives: 1. Strengthening rule of law and accountability for human rights violations 2. Enhancing and Protecting Civic Space and People’s Participation 3. Enhancing equality and countering discrimination - address leaving no one behind and root causes of inequality 4. Integrating human rights in sustainable development 5. Early warning, prevention and protection of HR in situations of conflict 6. Increasing implementation of the international human rights mechanisms