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Empowering Land Defenders

The Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation works collaboratively with Indigenous communities to achieve their conservation goals. Here are some highlights of their current project:

Partnering with the Huottuja People (Piaroa): Ecology Crossroads assists the Piaroa in protecting their ancestral lands (33,000 sq km) from illegal activity.

Supporting Ekobius International: They manage Ekobius, an ecological village initiative on Piaroa land.

Funding the Huottuja Foundation: Ecology Crossroads financially supports the Piaroa's foundation.

Their approach focuses on equipping the Piaroa with the tools and training to become guardians of their land.

Pilot Project: They are currently piloting a program in a 300 sq km area rich in biodiversity. The program aims to create income opportunities for Piaroa conservation officers who collect and upload environmental data.

Long-Term Vision: Ultimately, the project seeks to conserve a larger area of approximately 7,000 sq km, recognized for its carbon sequestration potential.

As a charitable foundation, Ecology Crossroads accepts donations for environmental, Indigenous, and social philanthropy, which it distributes through initiatives, programs, and projects organized professionally by Globcal International, which was merged into our organization in January 2020.

In 2022, we began our work with the Huottuja People (also known as the Piaroa) to save their 33,000 square kilometers of territory from unlawful occupation and illegal activities that started there in 2014. When we assumed control of Globcal International, we also assumed control of an ecological village initiative called Ekobius International. This has created new opportunities between the Indigenous Piaroa and our organization as their sponsor, who are now providing funding to the Huottuja Foundation.

"It is all about empowering the Indigenous peoples to protect their own lands, without the middle-man," according to the Ecology Crossroads Founder, Col. David Wright. The system being developed by Globcal International integrally depends on the Indigenous Government to issue orders and enforce the law. Ecosystem services are created when Indigenous Conservation Officers obtain employment, use the technology, and get paid for doing so when they upload their data. Currently, it is small scale; the focus area is 300 of 33,000 square kilometers for the pilot; the area most noteworthy for its biodiversity and carbon sequestration potential is an area of approximately 18% of the total just under 7,000 square kilometers being included as the primary carbon sink.

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