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Community Organizations Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs
Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs
Journal of Contemporary Urban Affairs

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Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Hourakhsh Ahmad Nia, Alanya University


Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture Cikcilli District, Saraybeleni Street No: 7 07400, Alanya, Antalya
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Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture
Cikcilli District, Saraybeleni Street No:7 07400 , Alanya, Antalya, Turkey
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The journal promotes original academic contributions that are cross-disciplinary to strengthen research under three main areas: Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities; Territorial Studies; and Urban Transformations. 

In this regard, the journal has aimed to:

  • discuss the role of urban planners, urban designers, and architects in enhancing social and economic aspects of the built environment.
  • discuss emerging social and economic challenges and problems facing global cities within other scientific fields. 
  • develop theoretical and methodological foundations in respect of the social and economic problems of contemporary urbanization.
  • bring a scientific view to emerging social and economic challenges in urban spaces. 
  • provide sufficient comparisons of different challenges and solutions facing cities and societies, as referred to in the aforementioned main aim of the journal. 
  • discover and identify innovative methods and techniques to overcome the aforementioned challenges. 

Contributions are welcome from across the full range of social sciences and arts and humanities disciplines. It is expected that the contributors will provide advanced empirical and theoretical knowledge referring to contemporary urban affairs - from both positive and normative perspectives. Priority for publication is given to research articles that are specifically written for a multidisciplinary audience with the highest quality and impact. In this regard, the journal looks for articles that are innovative and demonstrate excellent research and development.




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Strategies for Streamlined Urban Development: A Case Study of Land Use Succession in Upper Hill, Nairobi

Journal Articles & Books
Diciembre, 2023

This study examines the dynamics of Urban Land Use Succession ULUS in Upper Hill Nairobi highlighting the impact of neoliberal policies and private sectorled urban redevelopment It investigates how land tenure public infrastructure and planning controls shape urban landscapes leading to patchwork land use patterns and environmental misalignments The case of Upper Hill transitioning from a serene residential area to a bustling commercial hub is explored to understand the determinants of ULUS and propose strategies for streamlined urban development Employing Neoliberal Theory and hypothesis t

Peri-Urban Pressures: The Interplay of Land Strategies and Urbanization in Algeria’s Oran Metropolis

Journal Articles & Books
Septiembre, 2023

This article engages in a comprehensive examination of the intricate dynamics surrounding urban sprawl and land utilization within the peri-urban regions of significant Algerian municipalities, with a specific focus on the city of Oran. 

Employing a methodology rooted in social geography, this study deploys a trio of investigative approaches: documentary analysis, spatio-temporal scrutiny of peri-urban domains, and in-situ field investigations to shed light on the intricate intricacies of land ownership dynamics in the context of urban sprawl.

Integrating Wind Flow Analysis in Early Urban Design: Guidelines for Practitioners

Journal Articles & Books
Diciembre, 2022

The research focused on simulating wind patterns in urban planning design offers substantial contributions to both the social and economic aspects of the urban planning and design field To begin with it addresses a critical factor in urban development especially in Mediterranean climates where natural ventilation significantly influences summer comfort By incorporating predictive numerical simulations of urban wind patterns this study provides valuable insights into improving outdoor thermal comfort within urban areas This holds particular importance in the context of adapting to climate ch

Perceived Urban Design Across Urban Typologies in Hanoi

Journal Articles & Books
Diciembre, 2022

In light of the rapid global urbanization urban design has been shown to contribute largely to promoting the health and wellbeing of urban citizens. However studies of urban design are underrepresented in low and middleincome countries in Asia where urban forms are traditionally compact and complex with multiple layers. Hanoi, a typical city in low and middleincome countries, exhibits five unique urban typologies generated through official planning unregulated development and historical fluctuations.

Exploring Identity Issues in Development Areas of Vernacular Rural Settlements: A Case Study of Behramkale, Türkiye

Journal Articles & Books
Diciembre, 2022

Sustainable rural development is a challenging issue considering the pressure of change brought by the demands of globalisation and intensified tourism activities in rural vernacular settlements While studies in this field often focus on historical centres research on the distinctive urban and architectural identity of village development areas in rural vernacular settlements remains scarce To address this gap in the literature a field study was conducted in the vernacular rural settlement of Behramkale located in the Northern Aegean region of Trkiye The study explored the continuity of arc