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The overall goal of the Land Titling Project is to strengthen the basis for long term sustainable economic and social development. In confirmation with this goal, the objectives of the project are to foster the development of efficient land markets and to facilitate domestic resource mobilization by providing a system of clear and enforceable land use ownership rights, and by developing a land valuation capacity. The project will support the first seven years of a longer term national land titling program aimed at extending secure land ownership and developing land administration and valuation systems, including compiling a cadastral mapping system. The main components of the project are: 1) completion of the policy and legal framework for land management and administration; 2) implementation of an accelerated land titling program; 3) improvements in the infrastructure, facilities and systems for land administration; 4) improvements in land valuation; 5) support for project management and implementation, and institutional strengthening; and 6) studies on community land tenure and registration, definition of forest boundaries, cost recovery, land rights issues on nationalized lands and socio-economic impact of land titling.

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