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Global Forest Watch originally began in 1997 as an initiative to establish a global forest monitoring network, convened by the World Resources Institute and partners. It began as part of WRI’s Forest Frontiers Initiative. The original GFW achieved many outcomes toward the conservation of large intact forest areas.

WRI has continued the work that Global Forest Watch started, working to improve forest information by merging the latest technology with on-the-ground partnerships. In the Congo Basin countries, WRI has published Forest Atlases that help decision makers achieve sustainable management of forest resources through strengthened land-use planning and monitoring. These are now available for Cameroon, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. The Forest and Landscapes in Indonesia project works to support government and civil society actions for effective and equitable land use in that country. This work now continues as part of WRI’s work on forests and is integrated with Global Forest Watch. In addition to the countries listed above, GFW published state of the forest reports for Canada, Chile, Russia, and Venezuela and related policy reports for Guyana and Suriname.

The GFW network also developed the methods for mapping Intact Forest Landscapes by piloting this method in Russia and Canada and then expanding it to the global level for the year 2000. Monitoring of these areas continues, with an update for the year 2013 published recently.

Leveraging the advent of new technologies and increased global connectivity, work on the next generation Global Forest Watch began in 2011 with an expanded group of partners and powerful new monitoring capabilities. Help be part of GFW’s future by participating in and contributing to the GFW system.

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Septiembre, 2019

This blog is part of Global Forest Watch’s Global Insights series. Although many parts of the world are experiencing forest loss, the factors motivating these losses differ between countries and regions. Global Insights takes a local look at historical and current trends in forested countries across the world to highlight the diversity of forest issues. To read other posts in the series, click here.

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