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Julio 1988
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This text is to amend the title of the principal Law, under section 1, as "Ports and Railways Authority Law". Section 3 of this text amends section 4 of the principal law, as concern functions of the Authority and development, such as planning, construction, development, management, maintenance and operation of ports. Section 20 makes provision as for human resources, as concerns the agreement to transfer railway employees to the Authority and Labor Agreement. Section 22, amending section 21 of the principal Law, concerns fees, transportation of goods and persons. Section 29 establishes the responsibilities of the Directors and Deputy Director of the Ports. Section 34 is an addition to section 41A concerning the transfer from the Government to the empowered Authority of leasing rights in perpetuity in operations property, of rights of ownership of movable and other specified rights. Section 35, amending section 58 of the principal Law, concerns terminology. Section 48 concerns the Minister's entitlement, under specified conditions, to approve construction, operation and management of a railway by one other than the Authority. It also entitles the Authority to propose to the Minister regulations in respect of the operation of a railway.

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