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What is the Cities Alliance?

The Cities Alliance is a global partnership for urban poverty reduction and the promotion of the role of cities in sustainable development.

Cities Alliance Members

The Cities Alliance partnership features a broad range of members, including: local authorities, national governments, non-governmental organisations, multi-lateral organisations, and Associate Members. For our current membership, please see Our Members. 

What does the Cities Alliance do?

The Cities Alliance’s overall strategic objectives are to support cities in providing effective local government, an active citizenship and an economy characterised by both public and private investment. The Cities Alliance seeks to realise this goal by:

  • Developing and/or enhancing national policy frameworks to address urban development needs
  • Developing and implementing local inclusive strategies and plans
  • Strengthening the capacity of cities to provide improved services to the urban poor
  • Developing mechanisms to engage citizens in city or urban governance

Cities Alliance Resources

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