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In a joint initiative between the Land Portal Foundation and the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) called Enhancing Land Portal as an Effective Tool for Strategic Promotion and Campaigning Around SDG Land Monitoring Initiatives, the Land Portal  is looking for a Consultant to review and develop content on land and the SDGs as well as presenting it online in a clear and communicative way.

This initiative is anchored on the Global Land Indicators Initiative (GLII) commitments to ensure the land community and other stakeholders access real time information and communication materials on the development of land indicators in the SDGs including key process associated with the SDGs monitoring framework, role of custodian agencies and progress made in measuring the different indicators and sharing best practices among stakeholders.

This consultancy assignment aims to develop relevant content that will create a section on the Land Portal Land Book focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to begin immediately and run through October 2017, on a part-time basis, 20-30 hours per week depending on the stage of the project. The consultant will be under the direct supervision of the Land Portal Coordinator (in collaboration with GLTN/GLII).  


Land Portal Foundation


Home based


Consultant: Land and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


5 months (May – October) on a retained basis


May 19th 2017


Organizational profile

The Land Portal Foundation is an independent non-profit based in the Netherlands, delivering a clear strategy to draw together reliable and trustworthy evidence for use in program development, advocacy campaigning and policy formulation for better land governance. We work to create a better information ecosystem for land governance, working through a core and trusted platform and wide-ranging partnerships. Our work is based on an open development approach. We work with cutting-edge linked and open data technologies, providing services and support that improve data access, and that build a more inclusive information landscape. Find more information on  

Project Description

The Land Portal in collaboration with GLTN is creating a section of the Land Book focused on land and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) aimed at enhancing communication, accessibility to real time information and updates on land in the SDGs, including indicator development process informed by the SDGs monitoring framework, key milestones and reference materials. The aim of this section is to ensure that key SDG stakeholders and the general public are informed, engaged, and committed to fulfilling SDG reporting requirements. The SDG section will provide a space for the various stakeholders to learn about SDG land monitoring initiatives, share knowledge, approaches for measurement of different indicators and synergize efforts aimed at achieving Tier II and finally Tier I status. The SDG section of Land Book is linked to the strategic need for stronger advocacy and campaigning around SDG land indicators, continuous support for coordination and convening of all responsible custodian agencies for land indicators in the SDGs and call for comparable data for comprehensive land monitoring at country level being led by the Global Land Indicators Initiative (GLII).

The aim of this consultancy is to develop specific content on land and SDGs (in consultation with GLII and a specialized web-design team) for the SDG web-section, resulting in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Content will include but not limited to briefs on land and the SDGs; the land indicators[1] in the SDGs Tier classification by the IAEG-SDGs, responsible agencies and role of stakeholders, the methodological development processes, and data sources for those indicators. The information will underscore the processes and work plans defined by Inter-Agency Expert Group on Sustainable Development (IAEG- SDGs), implemented by the custodian agencies and supported by the GLII initiative.




  • Professionalism: Knowledge of concepts and issues relating to land governance, the Sustainable Development goals and relevant land indicators.
  • Communication: Excellent written skills and ability to articulate ideas in a clear and accurate manner including the ability to present complex information in a simplified and concise manner. 
  • Planning and organizing: ability to work under pressure, establish priorities and plan, coordinate own work plan, use time efficiently and apply judgment in the context of competing deadlines. 
  • Creativity: ability to offers new and different options to solve problems or meet needs, take calculated risks on new and unusual ideas; thinks “outside the box”, and not be bound by current thinking or traditional approaches.


Advanced University degree (Masters or similar) in a field deemed relevant to the subject areas covered by these TORs such as communications, land governance, monitoring and evaluation, international development, or related social fields.



  • A minimum of 8-10 years of experience working in related fields of land governance, development, monitoring, evaluation and communications.
  • Previous experience in editing and conceptualizing information platforms specifically related to land and natural resource governance desirable.
  • Previous experience working on issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals, including monitoring of the SDGs.
  • Knowledge and awareness of the SDG reporting process, including the process for monitoring SDG indicators.


  • Proficiency in spoken and written English is required.



  • Understanding of web platforms and the potential for open data.
  • Ability to work to schedule, but where requested to be flexible with changes in timelines.

Application Details

Remuneration is based upon experience. The hiring for this position is contingent upon confirmation of funding availability.

Applications should include a cover letter including expectations for remuneration and availability, an up-to-date CV and a brief proposal (NOT more than 3 pages) detailing the approach to this assignment.

All applications should be submitted by email to:

The subject of the email must include “Consultant: Tracking Land Indicators in the SDGs on the Land Portal” 

Deadline for applications:  May 19th, 2017

[1] This project aims to profile  all land indicators  in the  SDG 1, 5, 11 and 15 as follows: namely: 1.4; 2.; 5.a; 1, 5.a.2, 11.1.1; 11.3.1 11.7.1; 15.1.1; 15.3.1 and possibly linkages with indicators in SDG 16.

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