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Austrian Federal Government
Austrian Federal Government
Governmental institution



The Austrian Federal Government (German: Österreichische Bundesregierung) is a collective body that exercises executive power in the Republic of Austria. It is composed of the Chancellor, who is leader of the government, the Vice-Chancellor, and senior ministers. The President and the Government together form the executive branch of Austria.

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Burgenland Building Ordinance 2008.

Diciembre, 2007

The present Ordinance enforces the Burgenland Building Law (LGBl. No. 10/1998). In particular, the Ordinance lays down provisions relating to building technology and building equipment, as well as to special environmental, health and energy requirements of buildings. Furthermore, the Ordinance also applies to parcel of lands and other constructions and facilities subject to requirements of the present Ordinance.

Law amending the Tyrol Farmland Requirement Law 1996.

Diciembre, 2006

The present Law introduces some amendments to the Tyrol Farmland Requirement Law 1996 (LGBl. No. 74). In particular, the Law amends Article 39 concerning dispute settlement for agricultural authorities; article 69 laying down provisions relating to the amendment of regulatory plans. The text consists of 2 articles.

Amends: Tyrol Farmland Requirement Law 1996. (2013)

Carinthia Wood and Pasture Exploitation Law.

Febrero, 2003

The present Law lays down provisions relating to the right of wood and pasture exploitation in the Region of Carinthia. The text consists of 63 articles divided into 9 chapters as follows: General provisions (I); New regulation and regulation of traditional rights (II); Transfer of exploitation rights (III); Safeguard of rights of use (IV); Basic rights of wood cutting in case of need (V); Special field services (VI); Authorities and proceedings (VII); Penalties (VIII).

Land Transaction Law 2001.

Diciembre, 2000

The purpose of the present Law is to safeguard the public interest on the occasion of the transfer of land or parts thereof, taking into account the need to comply with the principles of a sustainable protection of the environment, nature and landscape.