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The Land Portal is recruiting new Board members of the recently established Land Portal Foundation and is looking for female candidates.


The Land Portal is a global gateway for aggregating information on land from multiple sources and building a specialized community of land experts from civil society organisations, governmental and intergovernmental institutions and academia. Find out more about us here.

Since 2009, the Land Portal has been a “project” of the ILC overseen by a steering committee comprised of the ILC, IFAD, the Food and Agriculture organization (FAO), L’association pour ameliorer la governance de la terre e des ressources naturelle (AGTER), el Instituto de Estudios del Hambre (IEH), Action Aid (AA) and the International Alliance on Land Tenure (IALTA) based at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

After entering into its full operational phase, and having piloted many of the approaches to content aggregation and online dialogue that are at the core of its work, it has become clear that the current beta version of the Land Portal needs to be taken to the next phase. The Land Portal has an ambitious strategy for bringing together knowledge and data on land governance. It is a technically complex project, seeking to take advantage of cutting edge social and semantic technology (Linked Open Data) to deliver knowledge for improved land governance. The new strategy will focus on localising the Land Portal and shifting activity, ownership and outreach to the global south. The University of Groningen will take care of the hosting of the Land Portal in the coming three years.

The Land Portal has evolved from being a project partnership into becoming a not-for-profit independent legal entity. This new legal entity is a foundation established under Dutch law called the Land Portal Foundation, with its seat in Groningen, the Netherlands. The Notary Act (in Dutch) establishing the Foundation - which describes in details the responsibilities and liabilities of the Board members can be accessed at this link:

The Foundation intends to channel all funding for the activities of the Land Portal from donors to partner organisations working for the Land Portal on the basis of separate institutional contracts between the donors and the Foundation and between the Foundation and the partner organisations who work for the Land Portal. The partners of the Land Portal are organisations that actively support the activities of the Land Portal through the provision of funds, in-kind contributions and all other forms of support.

Call for new Board Members

With the establishment of the Foundation, the Land Portal is looking for expressions of interest for committed and motivated Members of the Board; coming from the land sector, open data and open knowledge community, knowledge management and ICT for Development community from around the world. Those with a diverse background, expertise and a disposition towards innovation and social change are encouraged to apply.

Since we are looking for a gender balanced Board with representatives from different regions of the world, female candidates and skilled Board candidates from developing countries are particularly encouraged to apply.

This team will be asked to support the ongoing development and innovation of the Land Portal as well as to network and promote the Portal within existing land, open knowledge and grassroots ICTD communities.

The Board will have the task of:

Assuming collective responsibility for financial and legal probity of the Foundation.
Attending board meetings either via phone or in person.
Reviewing all relevant materials.
Reading the board email list (generally low-traffic and limited to matters requiring board specific attention) and responding where specific expertise is needed.
Participating in email list votes from time to time.
Shaping and overseeing the strategy and operation of the Foundation.
Establishing the Land Portal’s strategy and activity plans and monitoring their implementation.
Supporting the Coordinator, overseeing and assessing his/her performance;
Mobilizing funding and promoting the Land Portal with donors, governments, etc.
Guaranteeing the quality control of the Land Portal and assess its performance.
Making a general commitment to promoting the organization and its goals.
Dealing with any other matters which may come up.Members of the Board will receive no remuneration for their work. However, they do have a right to request for reimbursement of expenses incurred during duties performed as Board Members, as approved by the Board.

Criteria for selection:

1) Candidate board members should specify whether they will be able to bring into the project the collaboration/engagement of any of the following constituencies: i) civil society, including non-governmental organisations; ii) research/academic institutions; iii) private sector/professional associations; iv) rural producers organisations or cooperatives; v) indigenous peoples’ organisations; vi) land specialists.

2) Candidate should specify what kind of expertise they can bring into the project ranging from: i) Knowledge management, ii) open data, iii) partnership building, iv) land governance, v) web platforms, vi) data collection/sharing/dissemination, etc . Candidates should have at least 10 years of relevant working experience in one or more of the fields mentioned.

Interested parties should submit a brief proposal that addresses the points mentioned above, supplemented by a short biography (150 words) and a complete and updated CV.

Proposals should be sent to Land Portal Coordinator, Laura Meggiolaro: with copy to Leon Verstappen at and Francisco Sarmento at by November 30th 2014.

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