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Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy (CLRA) C/o IMPF, 173, North Avenue, New Delhi - 110001
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CLRA is an independent, not-for-profit, non-partisan initiative, which works to support and strengthen Parliament and legislatures so as to realise the values of democratic governance. Through research, advocacy, networking and other allied activities CLRA seeks to promote and reinforce the constitutionally assigned roles and functions of parliamentary institutions. This includes supporting institutional development and capacity building aimed at cultivating a well-functioning, sustainable and pluralistic system of democratic polity. CLRA is the pioneer organization in this comprehensive area of work in India. CLRA works closely with civil society groups, parliamentary institutions, legislators, political parties, civil servants and media to create participatory and collective wisdom and praxis in the policy and decision-making process.


The Indian Parliament plays a supreme role in the Indian political system and is a central institution in the framework of governance. Parliament nowadays has become more a multifunctional body while making policies and laws, overseeing the Executive, and representing people remain its core functions; Parliament’s role has extended to areas of conflict resolution, national integration, grievance ventilation, informational activities, etc. Against this backdrop, the test is for the Parliament to exercise its constitutionally assigned functions and capabilities to promote greater answerability, transparency and participation.

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Documentos de política y resúmenes
Diciembre, 2011

This policy brief has been written with the aim of familiarizing you with the problems of the landless and the controversies, gaps and inconsistencies plaguing land reform in India today,focusing particularly on the redistributive structure of land reform.

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