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The Dutch Banking Association (Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken, or ‘NVB’) strives to achieve a strong, healthy and internationally competitive banking system for the approximately 60 Dutch and foreign banks and credit institutions operating in the Netherlands.

The NVB is the link between the banking sector, the government and the public and contributes to a vital and sustainable sector. The office of the NVB has a clear line with the Board, and the members feel that they are generally involved. The NVB Board includes CEOs and other directors of the banks concerned.

We want to bridge the gap between the banks and the public by being the home of dialogue for all parties involved in the sector. For example, we engage proactively in consultation with industry associations and legislators and supervisors at both national and international level. The NVB represents banks collectively in discussions of social issues and we provide a platform for knowledge, exchange of information and protection of interests regarding the themes that will affect the sector in future. Together, we work on innovation, security, stability and transparency. This is how we fulfil our bridging function between the banks and all the social parties that are active in and around the sector and we form the foundation under the banks. The NVB moreover offers both project support and expertise in relevant cases.

The association also increasingly communicates directly with retail and business consumers, for instance in its campaigns de Week van het Geld (Money Week), Bank voor de klas (Banks in the classroom) or via its theme websites.

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