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Our Vision

EcoAgriculture Partners strives for a world where agricultural communities manage their landscapes to simultaneously enhance rural livelihoods, conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services, and sustainably produce crops, livestock, fish, and fiber.

Our Mission

To support diverse individuals and organizations at the local, national and international levels to promote sustainable landscapes worldwide. Read our Strategic Plan

Our Values

EcoAgriculture Partners emphasizes respect for cultural diversity and self-determination. We work with a wide range of partners and collaborators – from farmers and community organizations to international businesses, policy makers, and donors – providing direct support, education, training, research, and policy analysis to help these groups participate in and benefit from effective landscape management.

EcoAgriculture Partners Resources

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Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
Diciembre 2014
África subsahariana
África oriental

The manual was created specifically for use in the Western Kenya Smallholder Agricultural Carbon project, managed by the Swedish NGO Vi Agroforestry, which is the test case for the first Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) methodology for generating carbon credits by building organic matter in agricultural soils.

Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
Diciembre 2014
África oriental

This manual has been developed to help build the capacities of farmers, farmers groups, extension staff and project managers who are implementing agricultural carbon projects in Eastern Africa. The manual describes the steps for implementing an afforestation/reforestation voluntary carbon project based on the Plan Vivo Standard.

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