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Écoscience, is a multidisciplinary journal that covers all aspects of ecology. The journal welcomes submissions in English or French and publishes original work focusing on patterns and processes at  various temporal and spatial scales across different levels of biological organization.  Articles include original research, brief communications and reviews.

Écoscience est une revue interdisciplinaire qui couvre tous les aspects de l'écologie. La revue accepte les soumissions en français ou en anglais et publie des travaux originaux et inédits sur les processus et les patrons écologiques à différentes échelles spatiales et temporelles et à différents niveaux d'organisation biologique.

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Diciembre 2008
Costa Rica

Conservationists have proposed that maintaining key elements of the original land-cover type in modified landscapes may mitigate the detrimental effects of land-cover change on residual species. We tested this hypothesis for aquatic insect communities in tank-forming bromeliads in forested and non-forested habitats in Costa Rica.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Enero 2007

Increasingly, social capital, defined as shared norms, trust, and the horizontal and vertical social networks that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutually beneficial collective action, is seen as an important asset upon which people rely to manage natural resources and resolve conflicts.

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