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+44 (0)1865 243439


South Suite, Frewin Chambers
Frewin Court
OX1 3HZ Oxford , Oxfordshire
Reino Unido
Oxfordshire GB
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Proforest is a unique, non-profit group that supports companies, governments and other organisations to implement their commitments to the responsible production and sourcing of agricultural commodities and forest products.

We work through a combination of programmes and consultancy services to provide the most appropriate and up-to-date support to our partners and clients.

Through our consultancy services we provide technical support for companies and other organisations to implement their commitments to responsible production and sourcing in practice. We work at all stages of the supply chain from production to manufacturing and retail.

Our programmes enable us to share our expertise with people and in places that otherwise would not be able to implement more responsible production and sourcing. We support many multistakeholder initiatives, building capacity and helping develop mechanisms to push forward the practical implementation of sustainability in agriculture and forestry. We develop tools, guidance and practices that can be adopted by producers, supply chain organisations, governments and civil society.

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