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The Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK) is a non-profit NGO working in Africa and South America. It is one of the first international organizations to support the indigenous peoples of the world's rainforests in their efforts to protect their environment and fulfill their rights to land, life and livelihood. The Foundation aims to protect rainforests by securing the land rights of indigenous peoples and other forest-dependent communities. It also campaigns internationally on issues such as industrial logging, climate change, agricultural expansion and nature conservation.

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Library Resource
Quels Droits Fonciers pour les Populations des Zones Forestieres en Republique Centrafricaine
Informes e investigaciones
Junio, 2018
República Centroafricana

Comment s’assurer que le processus de réforme foncière en cours en République centrafricaine (RCA) garantisse une protection effective des droits des communautés forestières sur les terres ? Cette question centrale est envisagée notamment au travers de l’impératif de protection de l’environnement et des écosystèmes dont dépendent ces communautés pour leur subsistance et la préservation de leur mode de vie traditionnel.

L’étude y répond atour de deux pôles. L’analyse critique de la législation foncière centrafricaine (I) et des recommandations (II)

Library Resource
Manual y guías
Octubre, 2015
Camerún, República Centroafricana, Congo, República Democrática del Congo, Guinea Ecuatorial

This guide presents the 'Mapping for Rights' approach, which combines participatory mapping techniques, facilitation and hands-on support with the application of relevant and available technology. This combination of tools, guidance and equipment enables communities to identify advocacy goals that their maps could support. The maps are designed to provide a snapshot of the communities’ reality, including information on their history and socio- economic situation and demonstrate occupation and use of specific areas by communities.

Library Resource
Diciembre, 2011

MappingForRights, an initiative of the Rainforest Foundation UK and local partners, enables forest communities themselves to demonstrate their presence in the forest; decision-makers and the private sector to take account of and recognise this presence; and to assist the international community in ensuring that programmes concerned with the Congo Basin’s forests provide equitable benefits for local communities.

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