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Natural Resource Contracts
Manual y guías
Noviembre 2013

This guide aims to explain common topics that are addressed in natural resource contracts and to provide suggestions for improving contracts that are vague or unfavorable to host countries and to the protection of land rights. It covers a number of topics relevant to contracts:

● Environmental and social issues

● Fiscal provisions

● Transparency

Practical guide for civil society organizations and local authorities
Manual y guías
Abril 2015

This illustrated guide provides a very basic overview of what local authorities and communities should be aware of if a mining project is planned on or near their territory. It includes infirmation on:

● the law, human rights and actors’ roles and responsibilities

● Conflict and violence prevention and tools

Strengthening community understanding of free, prior and informed consent trainer’s manual
Manual y guías
Abril 2014

This trainer’s manual aims to help strengthen and build the capacity of community activists, community based organisations and educators to support communities to understand Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC).

The objectives are: • to enable communities to demand meaningful participation in natural resource management decision-making;

A Practical Guide for Mining-Affected Communities
Manual y guías
Mayo 2016

This guide seeks to highlight the steps that concerned parties and communities can take to address the challenges that mining poses on communities. It gives communities the tools they need to understand the law that governs mining and to protect their rights. Although it focuses on South Africa, the tools proposed will be relevant for communities facing similar issues in other countries.

Avoiding forced eviction
Manual y guías
Diciembre 2014

This guide aims to help communities who face, or have suffered from, evictions by providing guidance on how to prepare for negotiations. Communities can use this guide to negotiate and advocate for solutions or alternatives to eviction that improve the lives of the whole community.

Manual y guías
Octubre 2016

The overall goal of this guide is to enable local communities affected by oil, gas and mining projects to carry out constructive, peaceful engagement and negotiation with companies and government, with the aim of achieving sustainable development and improved quality of life.

Key objectives of this guide are:

Learning Modules
Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
Enero 2019

The BENELEX team is producing three training modules for indigenous peoples' and local communities' advocates and lawyers. The modules provide practical guidance on operationalising benefit-sharing and concluding benefit-sharing agreements in relation to: natural resources; traditional knowledge; and farmers' rights.

IBA Community Toolkit
Manual y guías
Junio 2015

The IBA Community Toolkit is a free resource for First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities in Canada considering impact and benefit agreements, specifically those with mining companies.

The influence of religion and culture on women’s rights to property in Nigeria
Artículos de revistas y libros
Abril 2020

The paper seeks to establish the role of religion and culture in the realization of women’s rights to property in Nigeria. It begins by affirming that protecting women’s rights to property in Nigeria is a fundamental step towards achieving the 5th Sustainable Development Goal of gender equality.

Environmental Degradation in Oil Producing Areas of Niger Delta Region, Nigeria: the Need for Sustainable Development
Artículos de revistas y libros
Mayo 2015

Due to oil exploration and other human activities in the Niger Delta region, there is evidence of environmental degradation all over the area (Oronto, 1998). Environmental degradation is occasioned by consistent flow of industrial waste, oil spills, gas flares, fire disaster, acid rain, flooding erosion, etc., which has led to the pollution of farmlands and fishponds.

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