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October 2023

This article engages in a comprehensive examination of the intricate dynamics surrounding urban sprawl and land utilization within the peri-urban regions of significant Algerian municipalities, with a specific focus on the city of Oran. 

Reports & Research
July 2023

La Revue annuelle de l’efficacité du développement (ADER) sert de point de référence pour évaluer les progrès réalisés par le Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement dans sa contribution au développement de l’Afrique.

Manuals & Guidelines
April 2023
Sub-Saharan Africa

Urban planners are entrusted with the power to make critically important, long-term decisions that determine the future development of cities and towns around the world. The decisions they take shape the urban environment and directly affect the lives and livelihoods of entire communities.

Reports & Research
June 2022
  • Remaining intact forests still covered 519 million ha in the Asia-Pacific region in 2020. Of these, 378 million ha are intact contiguous forests. This area is wider than the 140 million ha reported by countries to the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment (2015) as “primary forests.”
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February 2022
South America

A integração de práticas preservacionistas às políticas de desenvolvimento local constitui um grande desafio ao planejamento urbano, sobretudo em cidades médias e pequenas. O município de Teixeira de Freitas, situado  no  sul  do  estado  da  Bahia,  apresenta  um  acelerado  processo  de  crescimento  de  forma  dispersiva, fomentado sobretudo pela gestão municipal.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2021

The preservation of suburban agricultural land in the face of rapid urbanization in the West African region has been a major problem in recent decades. This paper examines the land tenure strategies used by farmers in relation to their assessments of the impact of urban growth.

Diamonds in the Delta
Institutional & promotional materials
December 2021

Diamonds in the Delta (DiD) is an international research-action network of scholars, water professionals and civil society advocates who are concerned about how climate change compounds problems of flooding and subsidence in delta cities.

December 2021

This course includes self-paced e-learning training modules which present descriptive and practical step-by-step guidance on how to compute SDG 11+ indicators. It is aimed at strengthening national and city capacities in collecting, analyzing, and monitoring the urban SDG indicators.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2021

Over the past half-century, the risk of urban flooding in Dar es Salaam has increased due to changes in land cover coupled with climatic changes. This paper aimed to quantify the impacts of climate and land-cover changes on the magnitudes and frequencies of flood runoffs in urban Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.