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Community / Land projects / Oxfam Brazil SIDA GROW Bridge Fund 2018

Oxfam Brazil SIDA GROW Bridge Fund 2018


01/18 - 12/18


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Oxfam#s GROW campaign works for the billions of us who eat food # and for the more than one billion poor men and women who grow it.Through our global campaign, we address inequality in the global food system. Our overall objective is that people living in poverty claim power in the way the world manages land, water, and climate change, so that they can grow or buy enough food to eat # now and in the future. We support local communities to claim back their power, earn a living income, and to grow or buy food by ensuring investments in rural people. By ensuring investments in rural people, we support them in overcoming the dramatic impacts of climate change on agriculture, allowing them to thrive. GROW focusses on change at national levels and on opportunities to achieve international impact. More specifically, by 2019 we aim for more governments, multilateral institutions and companies implementing policies that promote sustainable food production and consumption, while supporting those most vulnerable to adapt to climate change, and helping communities# realise their rights to land with a particular focus on women who produce much of the world#s food. To ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals, including zero hunger, become a reality, we need innovative ideas that hold a promise of a better future for many # not just a privileged few. We believe there are key factors that drive hunger and inequality: unfair distributionwithin value chains, insecure land rights, climate change, gender inequalityand ever more young people desperate for opportunities leaving rural areas. Oxfam#s GROW campaign tackles the key sources in the broken global food system by working to mobilise impacted communities and active consumers alike. Since the launch of the GROW campaign in 2011 more than 10 million people have been reached through on- and offline campaign activities and a multitude of people has been reached through media coverage. We are proud of the achievements of GROW. We gave small-scale female farmers avoice; through the Behind the Brands campaign significant new commitments have been made by big food and beverage companies to improve social and environmental standards in their vast supply chains; we are proud of our contribution to keep climate finance, especially for adaptation and resilience, on the agenda of the global climate negotiations at COP21 in Paris; and we recently celebrated a land mark victory as the Constitutional Court in Colombia recognized the Land Rights of the indigenous communityCañamomo Lomaprieta and granted protection for ancestral mining activities. An overview of ourresults can be found on the interactive map. Oxfam is at the beginning of a new phase of the GROW campaign (2017 # 2020). Throughout the years, we have been actively updating our context analysis, testing drivers of change, reflecting on models of campaigning, addressing new key actors, and, exploring new alliances. Nonetheless, now more than ever we feel the need to increase our impact and change systemic drivers of inequality in the food system. In this document, we present three innovative work streams running until atleast 2020. 1. A new worldwide campaign addressing inequality in food value chains (expected launch October 2017) 2. The LandRightsNow campaign 3. Effective adaptation finance to support women farmers. These three projects have received seed funding from inter alia SIDA and we are currently looking for opportunities to up-scale them between 2017-2020 to reach our ultimate objectives. Wewant to note that this document does not present the future direction of the entire GROW campaign but presents three selected trajectories (2017 # 2020) where innovation is key.

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