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Community / Land projects / Pilar 1: Upgrading shelter conditions, safety and security for 2,096 Syrian and Palestinian refugees, and vuln

Pilar 1: Upgrading shelter conditions, safety and security for 2,096 Syrian and Palestinian refugees, and vuln


11/22 - 08/23


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Medair’s proposed response provides urgent identification and assistance for the most vulnerable HHs susceptible to harsh weather conditions within informal settlements and sub-standard buildings and to an increased risk of eviction in the Bekaa, Baalbek – El-Hermel and North Lebanon areas. More specifically, through this project Medair aims to: - Improve the living conditions and accessibility for 211 households via upgrading of residential shelter to meet minimum standards (prioritizing families with Child Protection (CP) needs in Bekaa and Baalbek – El Hermel - Increase tenure security for 200 vulnerable households via providing cash for rent (prioritizing families with CP needs) to prevent eviction in West and Central Bekaa - Improve accessibility and safety for families living in 30 informal settlements in Bekaa and Baalbek – El Hermel selected on the scoring from the site improvement assessment conducted across the region in coordination with the shelter sector with the intention of needs prioritization, and in 13 informal settlements in North Lebanon with the highest priority for site improvements activities identified and shared by North Lebanon Shelter Sector coordinator. Medair will distribute Non-Food Items (NFI) kits to 60% of the households (eligibility to be established via assessments) who will benefit from the rehabilitation of their sub-standard residential units in Bekaa and Baalbek – El Hermel to be able to cope better with the harsh winter conditions in the targeted area as recommended by Bekaa basic assistance sector. In addition, in line with shelter sector standards, Medair will address potential and identified fire risks by providing fire extinguishers in informal settlements (consisting off 4 to 9 tents) on a rate of ¼ as per sector guidelines and in sub-standard residential buildings that will benefit from rehabilitation, or refill the existing ones in informal settlements (consisting of 10 tents and above (provided by Medair as part of other interventions, or via another organization). For this project, Medair is in a strong position to be able to address the identified needs and gaps, combining existing expertise and experience of providing shelter support, with the ability to build on established relationships, knowledge of the geographic area, and good connections with local NGOs. Medair will extend the area of intervention for cash for rent assistance to west and central Bekaa to complement the ongoing Medair cash for rent project funded by LHF (LEB-22/DDA-3604/SA1/S/INGO/22023), as the existing assessment tools will be used to identify the eligible households. Also, Medair will report the shelter activities on RAIS and ActivityInfo, in addition to the close coordination with shelter sector and active shelter partners in Medair area of interventions to avoid any overlapping in providing shelter assistance. Medair will also leverage its experience as one of the largest Shelter actors in the Bekaa, and utilize the already established good working relationships with UNHCR, other local and international NGOs, and other stakeholders. As a Shelter Core Group member of the National Shelter Working Group, Medair will ensure complementarity with other interventions and avoid duplication.