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28 Novembro 2019
África Central
República Democrática do Congo

Date: 25 novembre 2019

Source: FarmlandgrabHRW

L’insuffisance des mécanismes de contrôle aboutit à des atteintes aux droits des travailleurs et à l’environnement

15 Agosto 2019
África subsariana
República Democrática do Congo

Dat: 14 août 2019

Source: Farmlandgrab, RIAO-RDC et al

Par: RIAO-RDC – GRAIN – WRM - Justice mondiale maintenant ! - AEFJN (Belgique)

23 Julho 2018
Dr. Joseph Feyertag
Anna Locke
República Democrática do Congo

How do we make land-based agricultural investments more inclusive, particularly regarding land rights? This was the focus of the agenda as LEGEND held the 6th UK Land Policy Forum on July 11 2018, with lively discussions from all involved – including government, DFIs, academics and land-related CSOs.

Photo: yaruman5 / Flickr
19 Janeiro 2018
Andy White
República Democrática do Congo
África Ocidental

2018 could be transformative for the indigenous and community land rights movement, with unprecedented opportunities for scaling up rights recognition around the world.

República Democrática do Congo

Date: 29 juin 2017

Source: Radio Okapi

80% des conflits soumis aux cours et tribunaux se rapportent, directement ou indirectement, au foncier et à l’immobilier, signe que le secteur foncier est l’objet de préoccupations et de problèmes. Les acteurs travaillant dans la médiation des conflits au niveau local confirment qu’une part très importante des conflits qu’ils sont amenés à trancher est liée à des questions de terre.

In Rwanda, WfWI graduates have come together to form a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) to create their own source of credit and savings to help them grow their businesses and move out of extreme poverty.
República Democrática do Congo

Around the world, women in 155 countries face legal restrictions on the economic opportunities available to them, according to the recent World Bank Group's report Women, Business and the Law 2016, which highlights the challenges women face in the global economy and underscores the need for legal reform.

Photo 1: Community stakeholders reviewing background report of Zambian forest tenure context
26 Fevereiro 2020
Mr. Malcolm Childress
República Democrática do Congo

Forests are critically important for many of the world’s poor who depend on them for food, income, medicine and building materials. As such, forests are a nexus of broadly held policy goals such as poverty reduction, economic growth, conservation and climate change. Most forests in the developing world are governed, in practice, through community-based tenure systems.

26 Maio 2019
Katie Reytar
República Democrática do Congo
Estados Unidos

By Katie Reytar 

This is the second installment of WRI’s blog series, New Perspectives on Restoration. The series aims to share WRI’s views on restoration, dispel myths, and explore restoration opportunities throughout the world.

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