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24 Novembro 2014

Posted: 11/24/2014

Source: Huffington Post

By Tim Hanstad, President and CEO, Landesa

If we want to empower rural women in the developing world, there is no better first step than providing them with secure rights to land.


Date: 31 mars 2017


Par Human Rights Watch

Les autorités militaires et civiles de l’ouest du Rwanda ont arrêté, passé à tabac ou menacé des personnes qui ont contesté de récentes décisions du gouvernement visant à forcer certains habitants à quitter leurs terres, a déclaré Human Rights Watch aujourd’hui.


By Sarah Logan and Mallory Baxter

African cities are rapidly expanding as the number of urban residents rises due to rural-urban migration and population growth. Ad hoc urban expansion contributes to an increase in unplanned settlements, urban poverty and inequality, and constraints on new residents, who are attempting to secure access to adequate housing, property rights, employment, and basic services.

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