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Janeiro 1992

This paper examines the evolution and the nature of the current forms of land tenure in Masindi District and the extent to which these forms impair or facilitate positive socio-economic changes.

Janeiro 1970

Farms 25/77 NQ and 27/77N0, located in North East District, were acquired by the Government

from the freeholder, Mr Blackbeard in 1990. The purchase followed the recommendations of the

consultants appointed to conduct the feasibility study of the Lower Shashe dam (SMEC, 1990), and

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Julho 1963

An Act to convert freehold estates in land into leasehold estates and to provide for the corresponding diminution of other estates and interests in and over land, to declare the incidents of such leasehold estates and to provide for the development of land.  

Relatórios e Pesquisa

Looks at agricultural leasehold rights, freehold tenure and land markets, foreign land ownership and tenure security, rentals and sharing of redistributed land, modifying customary rights, gender and class relations, farm workers, land administration and tenure security.

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