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Biblioteca Land tenure policy and practice in Zambia

Land tenure policy and practice in Zambia

Land tenure policy and practice in Zambia
Issues relating to the development of the agricultural sector
Land tenure policy in Zambia

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Dezembro 2002
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Land policy and the proposed land tenure reforms of Government have important implications for the development of the agriculture sector in Zambia. The purpose of this report is to ‘identify the critical issues that will need to be assessed further if DFID decides to offer support to the agricultural sector.’

The work is based on a ten-day visit to Zambia, 18-27 November 2002, in which meetings were held with government officials and those of donor agencies, NGOs and DFID-Zambia and a brief field visit was made to Central Province. On returning to base, a review has been conducted of documentation relating to land policy and tenure reform in Zambia.

During the course of the country visit, Government published its Draft Land Policy in the Daily Mail on 21 November 2002. In addition to setting out some general policy objectives, it provides a very detailed description of the institutional framework for the administration of the land sector.

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