Act No. 4.504 regulating rights and obligations regarding rural real estates in order to implement the Agricultural Reform and to promote the Agricultural Policy. | Land Portal

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This Act regulates the rights and obligations regarding rural real estates in order to implement the Agricultural Reform and to promote the Agricultural Policy. It is divided into 4 Parts composed of various Chapters.Part 1 is divided as follows: Principles and definitions (chap. I), defining types of agricultural land, associations, companies, cooperatives, etc.; Agreements (chap. II), laying down agreements between the agricultural Federal agents and the Brazilian Institute for Agricultural Reform which shall represent the central Government; Chapter III concerns (a) Public (sect. I), and (b) Private lands (sect. II).Part 2 deals with the Agricultural Reform and with promoting the rational use of rural lands, specifying the requirements necessary to obtain the concession of such lands (it also lists expropriation procedures, entitlements and compensation criteria). Part 2 deals further with: Distribution of lands (chap. II); Financing of the Agricultural Reform (chap. III), which lists the requirements for obtaining subsidies from the Financial Fund; Execution and adminstration of agricultural Reform (chap. IV), specifying regional and national plans, competent authorities, cadastre procedures, etc.Part 3 deals with the promotion of the rural development policy and prescribes use, lease, or temporary concession of rural lands as well as fees to be paid. Chapters II and III establish the procedures for the appropriation and exploitation of rural lands, such as: technical assistance, propagative material production, marketing of agricultural products, etc. Chapter IV establishes the requirements to be satisfied for obtaining temporary concession, leasing, sharecropping, etc. of rural lands (including public lands).Part 4 concerns final provisions and the establishment of the Agricultural Special Fund, which shall be managed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Implemented by: Act No. 4.947 establishing Agricultural Rights and regulating the Brazilian Institute for the Agricultural Reform. (1966-04-06)
Implemented by: Decree No. 55.286 regulating Act No. 4.504 on Land Code. (1964-12-24)
Amended by: Act No. 7.647 amending Act No. 4.504 (on Land Code). (1988-01-19)
Amended by: Decree-Law No. 2.431 amending Act No. 4.504 on Agricultural Reform Policy. (1988-05-12)
Amended by: Decree-Law No. 582 establishing measures for enforcing the Agricultural Reform. (1969-05-15)
Amended by: Law No. 11.446 amending Act No. 4.504 on rural real estates. (2007-01-05)
Amended by: Law No. 11.443 amending Act No. 4.504 of 1964 on rural real estates. (2007-01-05)

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