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Janeiro 2006
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This Chapter defines and classifies servitudes and defines rights and obligations deriving from such land burdens. Easements, i.e. servitudes attached to land include: a) the right of pasture; (b) The right of fishing; (c) the right of taking game; (d) the right of way; (e) the right of taking water, wood, minerals, and other things; (f) and the right of having water flow without diminution or disturbance of any kind. Servitudes not attached to land include the right to pasture, and of fishing and taking game (sects. 1 and 2). A servitude can be created only by one who has a vested estate in the servient tenement (sect. 4). The extent of a servitude is determined by the terms of the grant, or the nature of the enjoyment by which it was acquired (sect. 6). Other provisions deal with apportioning easements, rights of owner, future estate, actions owner of the dominant tenement, actions owner of the servient tenement, how servitudes are extinguished.

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