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Biblioteca Decree on soil improvement.

Decree on soil improvement.

Decree on soil improvement.
Dekret über Bodenverbesserungen.

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The present Decree lays down provisions on soil improvements. Subject to available funds, the State promotes and supports undertakings and enterprises which aim to improve soil conditions. Therefore land reclamation will be carried out with a view to fertilize unusable land as well as to reinstall destroyed land. In order to carry out soil improvements all interested parties must form a cooperative authorized by the Canton. Parcels of land temporarily not cultivated shall be re-cultivated by the owner in due time; otherwise, the competent authority may order him to do so at his own expenses.The text consists of 128 articles divided into 11 Parts as follows: General provisions (I); Land consolidation (II); Construction of ways (III); Drainage (IV); Land development (V); Subsidies (VI); Financing of soil improvement (VII); Soil improvement conditioned to finance availability (VIII); Reclamation of unusable land (IX); Trial test of new crops (X); Final and transitional provisions (XI).

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