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Biblioteca Land Survey Act (Cap. 109).

Land Survey Act (Cap. 109).

Land Survey Act (Cap. 109).

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This Act establishes the Land Surveyors Board, provides for the licensing of land surveyors and disciplinary proceedings against land surveyors, defines the duties of land surveyors and provides rules for the carrying out of original surveys, re-surveys and division surveys of land and related matters.The Land Surveyors Board shall, among other things, keep a register of licensed surveyors and act as arbitrator in any dispute between a licensed surveyor and a client. Surveyors shall be licensed by a Licensing Authority as defined by this Act. All owners of land whose rights may be affected by a survey shall have a right to be present at such survey and a land surveyor before performing a survey shall summon such owners to attend the survey. The Act also defines powers of the Director of Surveys, a Government surveyor and a land surveyor and regulation-making powers of the Minister.

Implemented by: Land Survey Regulations (Cap. 109). (2012-06-30)

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