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Biblioteca Law on geological exploration.

Law on geological exploration.

Law on geological exploration.

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Dezembro 2009
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This Law governs: basic and specific administrative and technological conditions and terms related to the geological exploration and related research, including the rules and practices aimed to define the procedure at all stages of execution of geological mansions, general principles of the state interests, activities that use the results of geological research, production and distribution of geological maps, cadastre issues, production and revision of the geological documentation, authorizations/permits, standards for the geological surveys, reporting duties, geological databases, financial provisions, inspection and supervision over the implementation of these rules, and many other issues important for the geological exploration/research related sector or activities.The Law is divided into XX Chapters and 86 articles, including all offences and related penalties.

Implemented by: Regulation on proclaiming geological exploration of oil and gas on the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. (2011-08-24)

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