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Biblioteca Agriculture Strategic Development Plan 2010-2012.

Agriculture Strategic Development Plan 2010-2012.

Agriculture Strategic Development Plan 2010-2012.

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Dezembro 2009
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The Agriculture Strategic Development Plan is a national policy with a multi-sectoral approach. The Timeframe of this Plan is 3 years between 2010 and 2012. The objective of this Plan is to influence market forces through vibrant and sustainable agriculture activity that reduces poverty, reduces the risk of food insecurity and increases the contribution to GDP.Agricultural production will be increased to ensure food availability, as well as sustainable and secure access to food.Policy, legal, regulatory and strategic framework will be strengthened for sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries development. Sustainable management of terrestrial, freshwater and marine resources will be ensured for biodiversity conservation, especially with the community involvement. Ex situ conservation of plant genetic resources will be ensured and inventory of all conserved plant genetic resources will be established. Sustainable resource management will be improved by capacity building, and public awareness. Water resources management will be developed in a sustainable and cost-effective way, with special attention to flood protection, land drainage, irrigation services and watershed management. Agricultural production, productivity and resilience of crop and livestock systems will be increased. Pest management strategies will be developed, measures will be taken to control plant and animal diseases and the capacity of Quarantine Services will be developed.Poverty reduction will be ensured through appropriate programs to enhance livelihoods of people in the rural areas and outer islands of Fiji. Smallholder and farmer groups will be empowered and supported to participate in policy making and planning, execution, evaluation, monitoring of programmes and projects.This Plan stresses on policy advice and legislative enactment, trade market access and marketing, financing, stakeholder partnership, research and extension services, data collection, education, and institutional capacity building. Private sector involvement will be enhanced in the sector to identify the market demand in agricultural products. Furthermore the linkage of producers with food processors will be fostered to enhance agro food exports. In order to raise smallholders' competency in relation to commercial agriculture, post-harvest handling practices will be developed at farm level and commercial farming capacity will be strengthened. Supply of inputs such as planting materials, fertilizer and livestock feeds, and infrastructure such as agricultural roads, market and post-harvest facilities will be improved, as well as better technology and husbandry practices will be supported by appropriate research and information services. The demand driven approaches will be introduced both for the export as well as import substitution commodities in the agricultural sector, by promoting investment, commercialization, by strengthening industry organizations and agri-business networks, by promotion of young farmer training and by recognition of industry priorities. National Codex Committee will be established to regulate food standards and will carry out food safety controls in compliance with the WTO and Codex regulations for domestic and international markets. Investment in the livestock industry will be encouraged, particularly in the dairy and beef segments of the industry. Key objectives of the livestock industry are genetically superior livestock breeding, and capacity building on pastoralism, feed management, animal health and on management and marketing.In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the natural resources against climate change, adaptation and mitigation measures will be taken in the fields of land use planning, forestry, and marine resources.This Agriculture Strategic Development Plan determines the roles and activities of the government agencies, other stakeholders and international development partners. This Plan underlines that FAO will provide technical assistance to support policy formulation, legislation and regulation reviews and strategic planning.

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