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Biblioteca Law on concessions of Sarajevo Canton.

Law on concessions of Sarajevo Canton.

Law on concessions of Sarajevo Canton.

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Outubro 2011
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The Law defines the concept and all possible participants of what is determined as concession or concession contract (on the territory if the Canton of Sarajevo, part of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), including its basic terms, its planning, preparation, granting and revocations rules; this Law further sets the competence of the Commission for concessions, various concession administrative procedures, and rights and obligations of all participants.As here defined, concession is the right to use natural wealth and goods under the terms and monitoring of the competent cantonal authorities, subject to space and time, fees and charges.The provisions here stipulated are also related to the grant of agricultural land concessions to both private and legal entities.The principal aim of this Law is to provide and impose a transparent, non-discriminatory and clear legal framework for establishing the conditions for granting the related cantonal concessions, also aimed to stimulate domestic and foreign investments.This Law also stipulates the offences and related penalties (see Chapter VII).

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