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Não é uma questão de fazer ou não fazer – é uma questão de como fazer

Não é uma questão de fazer ou não fazer – é uma questão de como fazer
estudo sobre terra comunitaria provincia de Niassa Mocambique

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Setembro 2008
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The main aim of this study was to assess, within the context of the Malonda Programme in Niassa Province, the implementation of community consultations and negotiations as well as the delimitation and demarcation of community land. These activities had been carried out within the context of requests from several investors concerning the Right to Use and Exploit Land (Portuguese acronym DUAT, Direito de Uso e Aproveitamento de Terra), in order to create wide commercial forest plantations in Niassa. The Malonda Programme enjoyed – and still enjoys – strong support from the Swedish Government that, in addition to its own funding and the subsequent economic growth, seeks to ensure that there is active participation from the local population in this dynamic development process.
The assumption is that the Rights to Use and Exploit Land (DUATs) acquired by the population under the Land Law (Lei 19/97) underpin a negotiation process that will result in i) a fair division of the territory necessary for investment between communities and business interests; ii) a series of concrete benefits that may reduce poverty and open up a new sustainable and equitable socio-economic development path for everyone.
There are also recommendations, based on the conclusions drawn from this study, to improve the programme and to ensure that these targets are achieved in an efficient manner.

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Akesso, Guinilla,
Calengo, Andre
Tanner, Chistopher

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