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Julho 2006
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1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose of Discussion Paper
2. Background History
2.1 Ethnic Politics and Military Interference
3. Land tenure legislation (1948-62)
3.1 Earlier a brief period of Democracy (1948-1962)
3.2 Under BSBP rule (1962 - 1988)
3.3 Under Military ruling (1988 - Up to now)
4. Socio-Economic Poverty and Land Ownership
5. Summary of Findings
6. Analysis of Findings
7. Militarization and land confiscation
8. No rights to a fair Market price and food sovereignty
9. Abusing the environment and natural resources
10. New poverty due to illegal Tax paymen

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Khaing Dhu Wan

Network for Environment and Economic Development (NEED) educates, trains and empowers the next generation of Burmese civil society leaders in sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation and community-based economic development in order to protect the livelihood, interests, and human rights of all Burmese people. NEED-Burma provides an experiential and multi-ethnic learning environment for motivated Burmese youth to learn alternative and traditional agriculture techniques.

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