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The objectives of the National Land Administration Project will be to achieve a more efficient and transparent land administration system, clarify the land tenure situation, identify public land suitable for small farmer settlements and promote a more sustainable use of the country's land resources. The project will have a major component improving the land administration system within the current framework and a minor component implementing the legal and institutional land administration reforms, if and when they are introduced. The major component will support the formulation of a sound and coherent land policy and legislation, carry out land mapping on three million ha to obtain cadastre information and to regularize the land tenure situation wherever possible, indentify 500,000 ha suitable for small farmer settlement and increase the efficiency and transparency of the land administration system. In addition, the project will also finance: 1) title regularization and land settlement programs by the National Land Institute, when established; and 2) the introduction of an integrated legal cadastral registry system when the Legal Cadastral Registry is established.

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