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Community Organizations Land and Development Expertise Centre
Land and Development Expertise Centre
Land and Development Expertise Centre
Civil Society Organization

Focal point

Severin Nibitanga
Phone number
+257 22 30 32 46


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Land and Development Expertise Center, LADEC, is a Burundian social enterprise working to promote sustainable rural development and social justice through good governance of land and landed resources. LADEC started in 2018, capitalizing on the strong experience of its founding members in localized land registration. For the time being, its action focuses mainly on research, capacity building and project administration in land governance, land-related conflict and gender issues analysis and management. It ambitions to extend its intervention on food security, environment, and land planning sectors.

Through action research, LADEC analyzes contemporary community problems within its fields of action, and thus feeds ongoing development initiatives with updated and accurate data. It deems social dialogue and participatory processes to be of utmost importance for policy design and implementation. Research findings are brought into policy debate, involving public and private actors, state partners, civil society and the citizens, to foster projects that draw upon actual community needs. LADEC welcomes and offers its contribution to any organization, national and international, interested in the achievement of such an objective.

LADEC has been hard working to find adequate solutions to the issues related to the operation and sustainability of the localized offices of land registration (services fonciers communaux). This topic keeps its relevance within its whole action. This the case for the current Swiss-funded Projet de Résolution des Conflits Fonciers that LADEC is implementing in the provinces of Ngozi and Kayanza, as well as the World Bank-supported Projet de Résilience et Restauration du Paysage au Burundi to which it contributes in the provinces of Bujumbura and Muyinga, specifically the project’s localized land registration component. For both these and upcoming projects, LADEC’s members and staff have committed to relentlessly keeping up its mission to contribute, with its partners and all involved stakeholders, to “a prosperous, peaceful, and fair society, through fair access to resources and development opportunities”.



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