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Pranab Ranjan Choudhury


New Delhi
No. 55, Bhawani Kunj
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New Delhi
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NRMC is a technical and managerial advisory firm in the development sector that provides evidence-based solutions for sustainable, equitable and inclusive development. 

Established in 2004, NRMC is engaged in creating impactful solutions that make a difference to the society. We achieve results at scale by catalyzing partnership with clients and communities. We believe in ethical business, nurturing talent to be courageous to push the limits of knowledge and discovering new ways of doing things.

NRMC experience, high quality skills, breadth of sectors, services make us preferred partners for public and private sector clients and partners in creating sustainable and scalable social impact.

We have a demonstrated in-depth understanding of sectors across project design and solution implementation. NRMC service offering incorporates all aspects of project and program management, development sector advisory, monitoring & evaluation and documentation.  Focused on rural and urban poverty, Team NRMC is a professional service provider. Our experience on planning, advisory, technical and management support encompasses the social, institutional and gender dimensions of development. We work with a range of clients which include Government, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, international NGOs, corporates and corporate foundations.

We constantly strive to understand community needs and aspirations, ensuring that we deliver contextual and impactful solutions on behalf of our clients and partners. With offices across six locations, we are able to provide effective and efficient solutions to clients and communities.



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Global Land Outlook

Reports & Research
Agosto, 2017

A new United Nations report warns that a third of the planet’s land is now severely degraded thanks to a doubling in the consumption of natural resources over the past 30 years. Some 15 billion trees and 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil are lost each year, according to the Global Land Outlook (GLO), launched by the secretariat of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), at the meeting of States parties taking place in Ordos, China. The GLO takes a critical look at financial and socio-economic values of land, and its impact on the poor.

Sustainable Land Management contribution to successful land-based climate change adaptation and mitigation

Reports & Research
Agosto, 2017

The report provides scientifically sound practical guidance for selecting SLM practices that help address DLDD, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and for creating an enabling environment for their large-scale implementation considering local realities. It targets a broad audience from scientists, policy makers, landowners, community stakeholders and enterprises.


Reports & Research
Agosto, 2017

This is a working paper by Kanchi Kohli and Debayan Gupta, Centre for Policy Research,Namati Environmental Justice Program, which throws light on Right  to  Fair  Compensation  and  Transparency  in  Land  Acquisition,  Rehabilitation  and Resettlement (RFCTLARR) Act, 2013. It is indiacted that there has been at the centre of intense debate.

India Land & Development Conference 2017-Proceedings

Conference Papers & Reports
Julho, 2017


This report was prepared by Centre for Land Governance, NRMC, the Secretariat of India Land & Development Conference 2017. This report provides an overview of the proceedings of India Land & Development Conference, organized at India International Centre, New Delhi, India on April 5-6th 2017.

This report consists sharing of experiences, knowledge and practices over eight thematic sessions, two panel discussions and a special session.

Eight Sessions in the Conference are as follows: