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University of Toronto Press is Canada’s leading academic publisher and one of the largest university presses in North America, with particular strengths in the social sciences, humanities, and business. The Book Publishing Division is widely recognized in Canada for its strength in history, political science, sociology, Indigenous studies, and cultural studies. Internationally, UTP is a leading publisher of medieval, Renaissance, Italian, Iberian, Slavic, and urban studies, as well as studies in book and print culture.

With the publication of influential authors and award-winning research, as well as a continuing dedication to groundbreaking new scholarship and innovative texts for the higher education market, UTP has firmly established its reputation for excellence.

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Outubro, 2020

Can historical and political circumstances change the meaning of such a solid and immutable phenomenon as a country’s geographical location? We mean, of course, “change” in terms of a country’s favourable or unfavourable place in the international economic and political system that surrounds it. Georgia is a small country of 69,700 square kilometres; it is located in the middle of the northern hemisphere, on the edge of moderate and subtropical climatic belts. In terms of its physicalgeographical situation, Georgia is favourably located.

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