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27 Febrero 2019
África septentrional

Date: 6 février 2019

Source: Leseco.ma

Par:  Yassine SABER    

Le rythme de valorisation de la réserve foncière de la SMIT, estimée à 1.887 hectares et héritée de la SONABA, est toujours lent, surtout à Founty, Tamaouanza, Aghroud et Tifnit.

BookyBuggy / Shutterstock.com
18 Enero 2019
Yuliya Panfil
África septentrional

Welcome to 2019. In San Francisco, commuters shuttle to work in self-driving Ubers. In Rwanda, drones deliver blood to patients. In China, Xiaomi released a $500 phone that allows users to map the world with 30 centimeter accuracy.

And yet, a quarter of the world’s population lacks a fundamental human right: the right to property.

20 Diciembre 2018
África septentrional

Date: 20 décembre 2018

Source: lnr-dz.com

Par: Amar Khelifi

S’il y a un secteur dont le dynamisme économique est en perpétuelle créativité, et contribue avec un maximum d’efficacité par ses innovations, et réalise d’importantes et régulières levées de fonds, c’est bien celui de l’agriculture.

17 Diciembre 2018
África septentrional

Date: 17 décembre 2018

Source: Elmoudjahid.com

Par: Fouad Irnatene

Les agriculteurs y voient la boîte de Pandore : l’artificialisation des sols ne cesse de grignoter l’espace agricole. Indéfiniment ? A l’évocation du couple «terre agricole-exploitation rationnelle», on semble toucher à l’oxymore.

20 Agosto 2018
África septentrional

Beji Caid Essebsi says the measure was a long time coming but some are sceptical about the proposal's motivations.

Tunisia's President Beji Caid Essebsi says he will submit a bill to parliament granting women and men equal inheritance rights, in line with a proposal put forward by a government-backed committee.

UN Women Photo - Women's Land Rights in Morocco
27 Marzo 2018
Stacey Zammit
África septentrional

This month marks women’s month and now, more than ever, women and men alike are coming together in abundant numbers, encouraging and rallying for the strength of women everywhere.  We took a few moments to sit down with but a few of the inspiring women who attended the Arab Land Conference from the 26-28 of February in Dubai. Scroll down to hear their inspiring thoughts.

6 Marzo 2018
Stacey Zammit
África septentrional

It would be an understatement to say that the first Arab Land Conference was a busy one.  The afternoon of the conference’s last day, however, featured the Land Portal’s very own masterclass on Women, Social media and Their Access to Land in the Arab World.  Never has women’s use of social media been more pertinent.  In the past year alone, we have seen the rise of the #metoo movement, spearheaded by and for women globally, as well as Saudi women taking their rightful place on social networks, with the explosion of various famous hashtags including #women2drive, #Idrivemyself, #sto

5 Marzo 2018
Stacey Zammit
África septentrional

From the 26-28 of February, 2018, the First Arab Land Conference, organized by UN Habitat, the World Bank, the Global Land Tool Network, the League of Arab States, the Arabian Union for Surveying and the Dubai Land Department took place in Dubai.  Taking place in one of the most quickly developed parts of the region, the palpable enthusiasm felt throughout the event was because it truly was the first of its kind.  No other conference has yet brought together land experts from around the Arab world.

22 Febrero 2018
Mr. Oumar Sylla
África septentrional

As members of the land community, we know that access to a stable and flourishing piece of land, even the smallest plot or parcel, has the potential to be ground-breaking and life-changing. It means the difference between health and illness, between being read and illiterate, and in the most extreme cases, the difference between being fed and hungry.  In essence, it determines one’s life path, the key factor between qualifying for essential government services and living at the peripheries and margins of society.

20 Febrero 2018
Mr. Wael Zakout
África septentrional

This past December marked seven years since the start of the Arab Spring, one of the most “viral” revolutions of our time.  In a matter of months, uprisings spread quickly from Tunisia to Yemen and changed the landscape of the region.  While the causes and effects of the Arab Spring have been the subject of thorough analysis over the years, the revolutions emerged so quickly and with such force, in part, because of very palpable, muffled disillusionment.

África septentrional

Date : 18 septembre 2017

Source : Foncier & Développement

Omar Bessaoud traite de la problématique des réformes agraires dans trois pays du Maghreb: le Maroc, la Tunisie et l’Algérie. Après avoir rappelé la situation de chacun d’entre eux au lendemain des indépendances politiques, il décrit le contenu de chacune des réformes agraires mises en œuvre dans les années 1960-70 ainsi que les résultats enregistrés.

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