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Geómetra, se califica como tal al ingeniero competente en las materias de topografía, derecho inmobiliario y administración de bienes raíces. Identifica los límites de la propiedad y hace el amojonamiento recurriendo a la fotogrametría, GPS e informática, elaborando para tal efecto los SIG. Individualmente o en equipo pluridisciplinario participa en la elaboración de proyectos de urbanismo e ingeniería civil o de reagrupamiento de predios. En los dominios de la topografía general, el geómetra por el conocimiento que tiene del derecho civil y de los bienes raíces, es frecuentemente consejero de las partes en materia de bienes raíces y autor de informes de peritaje hechos a los inmuebles construidos o sin construcción.

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16 Julio 2019
Mr. John Dean Markunas



I. Introduction to Blockchain Technology

II. Overview of the Surveying Industry

III. Surveying and Blockchain

IV. Types of Blockchains  

V. The Case for Blockchain in the Real Estate Industry

VI. Blockchain, Surveying, Land Registry and Cadastre 

VII. Blockchain Registry Integration Levels

VIII. The Future of Blockchain for Real Estate

IX. Conclusion


Glossary — Blockchain Terminology

Flickr Thailand agriculture
29 Mayo 2018

The Second Regional Land Forum kicked off in Bangkok, Thailand in the early morning of May 28th and the opening session was certainly one to remember! Live drones, talk of big data and using NASA related technology to propel land rights forward, were but a few of the impressive topics on the table. Participants gathered to hear a variety of ‘flash talks’, quick yet effective pitches about notable initiatives relating to data, technology and land rights.





The Arab Union of Surveyors aims to promote cooperation, coordination and communication among surveyors in the Arab countries.


To facilitate efficient land administration and management, acess to adequate and affordable housing, social and physical infrastructure for national development


To be a globally competitive organization in sustainable management of Land and built environment

Norwegian Mapping Authority logo

The Norwegian Mapping Authority (NMA) is Norway's national mapping agency, dealing with land surveying, geodesy, hydrographic surveying, cadastre and cartography. Its headquarters are in Hønefoss and it is a public agency under the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation. NMA was founded in 1773.


Source: Wikipedia (consulted d.d. February 18th, 2020)

Palestine Land Authority logo

The PLA established by presidential Decree No.10 of 2002 as a legal entity with its own budget , subordinate to the Council of Ministers , with the responsibility for both the Survey and Registration Departments.


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