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Reforma de la tenencia de la tierra

A government policy of splitting up agricultural land and dividing it up between those people who do not own any land.

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Informes e investigaciones
Mayo 2020

We estimate how a shift towards a more extractive resource policy, brought about by a regulatory reform of the mining sector, affected civil conflict in the Philippines. Our empirical strategy uses a difference-in-differences approach that compares provinces with and without mineral deposits before and after the reform.

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Abril 2020

Land related inequality is a central component of the wider inequality that is one of the burning issues of our society today. It affects us all and directly determines the quality of life for billions of people who depend on land and related resources for their livelihoods.

South African land news March 2020
Informes e investigaciones
Abril 2020

Every day since Pres Ramaphosa was elected into office we have searched out South African land-related news which is curated on our website knowledgebase.land. This publication provides a brief summary of land news across a range of categories for March 2020

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Marzo 2020

A new urbanization and rural revitalization strategy has been implemented in China over a number of years, under which farmers’ land contract rights (LCRs) flow inevitably through various means. The practice in reform pilot areas indicates that government funds cannot meet all the needs, so exploring market-based LCR payout paths is important for rural land tenure system reform.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Febrero 2020
Viet Nam

This paper deepens the economic analysis of the effects of land consolidation – reduction of land fragmentation. It does this in the context of rural Vietnam, studying whether land consolidation promotes or hinders the Vietnamese government's policy objectives of encouraging agricultural mechanization and stimulating the off-farm rural economy.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Diciembre 2019
Viet Nam

Between Vietnam's independence and its reunification in 1975, the country's socialist land tenure system was underpinned by the principle of "land to the tiller". During this period, government redistributed land to farmers that was previously owned by landlords. The government's "egalitarian" approach to land access was central to the mass support that it needed during the Indochinese war.

Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
Diciembre 2019

This guide seeks to promote the use of ADR mechanisms to settle land rights disputes involving occupiers, labour tenants, landowners, claimants and other key role-players. It further aims to educate and capacitate ADR facilitators to have an understanding of the legal provisions that govern the relationships between different right-holders of land, particularly on farm land.

Publicación revisada por pares
Noviembre 2019
África austral

Our purpose is to present and test a typology of land reform theories as a means of understanding and interrogating the motives behind land reform and to better equip land administrators and policymakers to enact land reform programs that are appropriate for their contexts.

Artículos de revistas y libros
Noviembre 2019
África septentrional

Date: 5 novembre 2019

Source: Foncier & Développement

Cet ouvrage de Omar Bessaoud aborde des thèmes cruciaux et des problématiques qui émergent ces derniers mois dans les débats publics, au sein des associations et des divers cercles et think tank nationaux (sécurité alimentaire du pays, compétitivité de l’agriculture, effets du changement climatique, foncier rural…).

Indonesia's land reform: Implications for local livelihoods and climate change
Publicación revisada por pares
Noviembre 2019

One of the main components of Indonesia's Just Economy policy is extensive and rapid land reform, which targets about 12% of the country's land area for redistribution to farmers and communities by 2019. Much of the reform is occurring on forest land.

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16 Octubre 2017


Campesinos organizados de Honduras exigieron hoy la aprobación de una reforma integral con equidad de género para reducir el hambre en el país y terminar con la impunidad en los casos de asesinatos de unos 100 labriegos.


16 Julio 2017
América del Sur

La Asamblea Ordinaria de la Confederación Internacional de Organizaciones de Productores Familiares del Mercosur Ampliado (Coprofam) emitió una declaración en la que rechaza "el modelo concentrador de la cadena agroalimentaria".

3 Febrero 2017

Por: Ariel Ávila

Fecha: 29 enero 2017

Fuente: Semana

Si el gobierno nacional no toma las medidas necesarias lo que le espera a Tumaco es una verdadera tragedia.