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Reforma de la tenencia de la tierra

A government policy of splitting up agricultural land and dividing it up between those people who do not own any land.

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Ajenda ya Urekebishaji wa Sera ya Ardhi Nchini Kenya
Informes e investigaciones
Febrero 2019

Webinaa kuhusu Urekebishaji wa Sera ya Ardhi Nchini Kenya ilifanyika tarehe 10 Oktoba, 2018. Webinaa ilipitia mchakato wa urekebishaji wa Sera ya Ardhi nchini Kenya na ikashughulikia changamoto anuwai. Lengo lilikuwa  kubaini hatua za kufuata zitakazoleta usawa na haki katika urekebishaji wa sera ya ardhi.
Webinaa ilishughulikia maswali yafuatayo: 

What Awaits Myanmar’s Uplands Farmers? Lessons Learned from Mainland Southeast Asia cover image
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Febrero 2019

Mainland Southeast Asia (MSA) has seen sweeping upland land use changes in the past decades, with transition from primarily subsistence shifting cultivation to annual commodity cropping. This transition holds implications for local upland communities and ecosystems. Due to its particular political regime, Myanmar is at the tail of this development.

FAO Support to Land Consolidation in Europe and Central Asia During 2002-2018 cover image
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Febrero 2019
Asia central

Shortly after the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) was founded in 1945, the organization had started to support member countries addressing structural problems in agriculture with land fragmentation and small holding and farm sizes through the development of land consolidation instruments (Binns, 1950).

Informes e investigaciones
Enero 2019

Monitoring reports were prepared in six Asian countries to understand the nature, causes, and impacts of land and resource conflicts, and to highlight the human rights issues intertwined with them.

Diciembre 2018

A lot of aspects are commonly subsumed under the concept land reform. These range from redistribution to tenure and agrarian reform. What do these different concepts mean? Agrarian reform: this is the broadest term and refers to attempts to change the agrarian structure of a country.

Diciembre 2018

Communal land is one of the land tenure systems in Namibia, the other being freehold land tenure system.

Diciembre 2018

Ancestral land refers to ‘land of ancestors’. That is the land occupied by ones’ forebearers for generations and left something behind of value for current and future generations. There are usually contestations as to which ancestors the land

belongs because of the history of internal migration and of displacements by stronger nations (tribes).

Diciembre 2018

Namibia is compelled to observe and to undertake efforts to realise the right to adequate housing, since it has ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 1994.

Diciembre 2018

There has been rapid growth in urban populations in Namibia (Pendleton et al, 2014). This growth is amongst predominantly amongst less educated, poorer migrants from rural areas in search of opportunities in urban areas. From the data available the estimated shortfall of either titled land or houses appears to be above 150 000 and increasing at about 11 000 per year (Weber, 2017).

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16 Octubre 2017


Campesinos organizados de Honduras exigieron hoy la aprobación de una reforma integral con equidad de género para reducir el hambre en el país y terminar con la impunidad en los casos de asesinatos de unos 100 labriegos.


16 Julio 2017
América del Sur

La Asamblea Ordinaria de la Confederación Internacional de Organizaciones de Productores Familiares del Mercosur Ampliado (Coprofam) emitió una declaración en la que rechaza "el modelo concentrador de la cadena agroalimentaria".

3 Febrero 2017

Por: Ariel Ávila

Fecha: 29 enero 2017

Fuente: Semana

Si el gobierno nacional no toma las medidas necesarias lo que le espera a Tumaco es una verdadera tragedia.