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The value of so-called ‘failed’ large-scale land acquisitions
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Mayo 2022

The land rush has remained, and is likely to remain, a significant global phenomenon despite waning international media attention. The scope of the phenomenon is likely to be wider than previously thought.

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Marzo 2022

This guide provides companies involved in wind and solar projects with information and strategies to identify, prevent, mitigate, and account for adverse human rights impacts that they cause, contribute to, or are directly linked to through their operations, products, or services, by virtue of their business relationships.

Manual y guías
Marzo 2022

This legal risk primer provides the general counsels and corporate legal teams of commercial wind and solar companies with an overview of the key legal risks that may arise from the above community-related human rights impacts.

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Enero 2022

This research is only confined to the scope of lien within the Peninsular Malaysia and not the States of Sabah and Sarawak which have their respective Sabah Land Ordinance and Sarawak Land Code. A future comparative study could be made amongst the legislations. The research output may be useful for the draftsman to clear up the ambiguity in the relevant provisions.

Noviembre 2021

Writers have guest-edited an African Studies Review forum on Understanding Land Deals in Limbo in Africa which examines the contentious politics of incomplete land grabs in Senegal;Tanzania and Zambia.

Julio 2021

A report by Global Agriculture examines the agricultural impact of multinational land deals (aka ‘land grabbing’) which are found to be directly harmful to local food security and livelihoods.

Enero 2021

Africa’s Catholic bishops have criticized the appropriation of land;natural resources and other economic assets by private companies and called on national governments to show greater concern for local community rights and needs.

Open Edition Journals, Articles 12.1
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Julio 2020
África subsahariana

After more than ten years of hectic debates on international ‘land grabs’, academic interest in collapsed land deals or projects with unexpected results is growing. According to the Land Matrix, Tanzania is one of the target countries for such deals, with a number ‘abandoned’ or delayed and projects whose status is unknown.

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