Case study: The application of geographic information systems to "Settlement potential along railway lines" in the research project "Settlement along regional railway - the Murgtal example", Universit | Land Portal

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Diciembre 2004
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The field of urban and regional planning is experiencing some fundamental changes that are having impacts on the use of computer-based models in planning practice and education. One of the key changes is the use of powerful, cheap and easy to use GIS software and hardware. This has led to the creation of more extensive spatially referenced datasets, making GIS an essential tool for some planners and management tasks such as land monitoring, code enforcement and permit tracking. This paper shows an example of the use of GIS in the context of the research project "Settlement along Regional Railway lines-The Murgtal Example", University of Karlsruhe. With the use of GIS the potential of settlement areas for building in radius of 500 m from existing and planned tramp stops are calculated and are shown on the Internet.

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Golubović-Matić Darinka
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