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Biblioteca Training manual on agricultural water management

Training manual on agricultural water management

Training manual on agricultural water management

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Diciembre 2008
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This training manual on agricultural water management has been prepared with the aim of providing reference and guidance materials on smallholders' agricultural management, primarily for Ethiopian farmers, with support of development agents and technical personnel. The documents use existing knowledge in the form of texts, figures, demonstration materials derived from various sources such as books, grey literature such as web material, reports, manuals, etc.  
The aim is to cover useful elements of agricultural water management from estimating runoff at micro and small watershed level up to irrigated field water management. In addition, the modules aim to cover water availability estimation, water control and management, soil-water-plant relationships, water lifting and conveyancing and irrigation methods. Each module chapter is illustrated with figures, tables, charts and examples.
The manual covers the following key areas:

watershed hydrology for improved agricultural water management
water harvesting and development for improving productivity
soil water plant relationship
pumps for small irrigation 
irrigation methods and options for smallholders: surface irrigation and drip irrigation 

The modules make for a useful reference and field guide as well as teaching materials at technical, vocational, educational, and training centres.  

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S.B. Awulachew
P. Lemperiere
T. Tulu

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